Hi!  My name is Margie. I live
with Rick and Lorraine.
This is my story.

Here I am at the Franklin County Humane Society

Here I am in my cage at the society.  There were lots of other cats
waiting for someone to love them.  I wonder why Rick and Lorraine
picked me, I was waiting so long!

Her name was Lorraine and she really, really liked me!
I might have a home at last!

They put me in this new carrier to take me home.
At least it had a window to look out.

The next thing I knew I was being put into the back seat of a car!
At least they used the seat belts.

They told me I was home now but I have never been here before.

Now I am at home with Rick and Lorraine!
Home at last!
I have many things to explore. Here are just a few!

I like mirrors, I always have a friend with me.

I don't know what this is but it's fun.

Now this is a really nice spot to rest.  This house is really fun!

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