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Pat and Lorraine
    Pat (aka Rick) and Lorraine


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300 drones take to the skies above Disney World for the holidays

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Take a look at The new Arabian Horse that Laura just bought!!
13 year old Mare named Cyara. 
Cyara will be a stablemate to Timmy(23 yrs)gelding, also an Arabian

Click on the picture to see a classic performance!!!

  Click on the picture to see a classic Rock Star
Read the "Rodriguez"  story! Amazing!!!
Tickets on sale Dec 2nd

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Lorraine is taking the picture!

Look what I just bought, an electric bike.
The Black one is my new bike.  Now I can ride again!

Click on the Bikes if you want to go to the factory site to
learn more about EVELO Electric Cycles

To see more pictures of the actual bike

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Story of what really happened to Ricky


I remember going to the McDonalds near the Rotary in Revere, MA.
We would cruise there and at the DD near the rotary.
Then it was drag racing up the Lynn Marsh Rd.
Anyone else do the same thing?

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   Margie our amazing cat
See how she lays there, just amazing

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If you lived in the Boston area and you were a kid
in the 50's you might have great memories of going
to PLEASURE ISLAND  I sure did!
Otherwise this is like a time capsule.
Note the 50's cars at the end see how many you recognize.

The Capt. Henry Chase House circa 1798
OUR B&B 1980-1988

Click on the House to see complete restored pictures
Click on the pancakes to get the recipe
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Tesla Model S production line
From Beginning to End
There is nothing else like this


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Florida State Parks
For a sample of our Winter Vacation Pictures


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Disney Parks
For a sample of our 2016 Disney Vacation Pictures
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Disney Parks Trivia Test


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Gibson Brothers Web Site!!
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all 4 parks at
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My website, it's that good!
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Here is the exciting latest
 Disney parade
at the Magic Kingdom!

       National Debt Countdown Clock. Click on the counter to see the figures, you'll be amazed.

Rick's  Blog!!!

December 3rd
      I look out the window and I see snow!  What's that all about? Winter, that's what!  Christmas is coming.

        I try to make this BLOG mean something, though most of the time it's pretty light reading. So, I have some Medical issues but I don't talk about it much, why get down and make anyone else get down, I don't want to be a downer.  Now I have a reason to want to share!  A couple years ago I was diagnosed with pancreatitis.  There's really no treatment for that and no surgery to solve a major problem.  The best you can do is try to be as low pain as you can be and deal with it.  Lower food intake, low or no fat, try to maintain your weight.  I mean you have to try to balance how food makes you sick and what your body needs to not lose weight. A unique problem to be sure.  If I screw this up I can wind up in the hospital in a bad situation. So far I've done pretty good but it's there just waiting for the right situation, always will be there waiting.  
        Well then what else can go wrong?  On Oct 4th I had bloodwork that indicates a serious PSA issue.  More tests worse results.  Referred to a great University of VT professor(Teaching Dr.) Dr Brian H Irwin.  His testing indicates that cancer is possible.  Prostate cancer can be fast or slow or none.  A serious biopsy 12-24 points is required. This process has dragged on so long now, I am under serious stress(self inflicted) I need to know the state of the problem before I can decide how to deal with it. Finally Dec 12th at 9:30 I will have the biopsy that will determine the rest of my life.  
           So there, I have laid it all out, including my fears!   I have been reading a BLOG called "Medium" (check it out at )
 That's what motivated me to write this serious downer stuff and believe me I'm trying to keep it on the light side.  It's the story of my life on this journey of getting older, if I'm lucky.  I'm going to keep this blog of mine up to date as things evolve.    If you want to leave me any thoughts just email me at:


        Old News:  Well after over 2 years of thinking about it I finally got a chance to buy something a little extravigant that I really don't need but will use.  A new BIKE! So, I can't ride a regular bike(pedal type) because of various medical issues. I have been researching Evelo electric bikes.  That's it, that's what I bought.   To see more pictures of the actual bike    To go to the bike factory and learn and see more

    We have all our reservations made for the Winter of 2017.  See where we're going to be on any given date.  We move fast, you need a program to keep up.
Take a look->

Just in case there is an outside chance you didn't check out the RV you can do it right here:


  Something to say? Let Me know! I'll put your thoughts on my blog.

Just in case you ever wondered!!


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Kelsey         and         Brennah

The sites below represent years of


Eeyore with Rick and Lorraine


Thumper Loves Rick


Russell from the movie UP!
Lorraine is a Friend of Russell.

Found on the internet during a search.  Take a look, read the article.

This is a link to an article I wrote 13 years ago about owning a BUS vs RV


We had a great day trip to Rockport, MA in August, Check that out

AWESOME   Lorraine's Mini Cooper She loves her Cooper

Tom Mix(old time movie star) 1937 Cord Conv Roadster  AWESOME

Laura's Most Excellent 2014 Disney Marathon Experience

 Take a look at our 2014 Bar Harbor Vacation

8/20/13 Take a look at our Bar Harbor Vacation

We Love Bar Harbor,  Mount Desert Island, Maine.

Laura wins big at local  Gymkhana Event!!!  That's My Girl!

Milton School production of Peter Pan- with Kelsey Campbell

 Catamount Track and Field Event - Brennah Campbell

Brennah runs Colchester Track Event.


Rick and Lorraine  when we had our motorcycle---Article written by Lorraine

National Debt Countdown

Internet speed test site

Presidents we have had during Queen Elizabeth's reign

Margie (our Cat) has her own web site

My Brother Frank and Donna visit Disney          December 09_



We're growing and getting better and more high tech!

  click on the Candle to see more!  Lorraine's Dad is remembered.  Dad we will always remember your kind heart.

click on the Candle to see more!  Lorraine's Dad is remembered.  Dad we will always remember your kind heart.